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You can't expect to do Today's business

with Yesterday's tools and

be in business Tomorrow.

The sport of drag racing has evolved a great deal in the past 50 plus years. We have gone from a strip of asphalt with a white line down the center, mechanical time clocks and hand written time slips to dedicated multi-million dollar facilities using fiber optics and computer generated time slips from timing systems accurate to 1/100,000 of a second.

The racers expectations have changed right along with their environment and continue to evolve. New racers live on the Internet; they expect immediate access to all the latest news and information with a few strokes of the keyboard, and they get it.

It therefore makes a great deal of sense that if we want to attract and keep a new generation of racers we need to provide them the type and quality of information they have become accustomed to, hence, the Live Timing System.

Our Mission at 1320go is simple: To provide near real time race data and results to fans and racers via the internet.

Our Vision is far reaching: To provide the data and information to fans and racers that encourages a better understanding of, and interest in, the sport as well as information for the individual racer that strengthens their commitment to drag racing.

Our Values at 1320go: We have a deep rooted belief that our success is dependent on the Tracks/Series success and the real value received by the racer and fan. Selling a System and wishing the customer success is not the way we do business. We provide a level of support that is uncommon in today's world. WE WON'T LET YOU FAIL.

With these goals in mind the Live Timing System family of products has evolved and grown over the past 7 years. Our success is and will be dependent on the 'end users' of the system, both racer and fan alike. To reach the "end user" we need to partner with like minded Tracks, and to reach these tracks we look to like minded associations and groups.

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