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So, what do we need at the track to be able to run Live Timing?

The list is a fairly short one:

  1. First and foremost, you must be using a Compulink Timing System.
  2. You will need a convenient location in the tower for the Live Timing laptop.
  3. If you are using a PC instead of a laptop for Live Timing, you will need a UPS for "clean" power.
  4. Connectivity to the Compulink Timing system.
  5. Connectivity to the internet.

Also you will need to provide us with some information:

  • Actual Track Name
  • Track Address and Zip Code
  • Time Zone
  • Track elevation at the starting line
  • Track angle (direction that your racers race towards)
  • Nearest weather station/airport
  • Dates of operations (ex., mid-April through mid-October)
  • Logos
    • Track Logos – PSD or EPS files work the best. If you only have a JPEG, that will be fine. The larger the better! We prefer them in 72 dpi and RGB. If you have questions, contact molly.fair@sagera.com.
    • Lane Logos – same requirements as above except the size needs to be 150px by 100px. You have the choice of using you Lane Sponsors, photos of the vehicles running, or photos of the racer. Again, if you have questions, contact molly.fair@sagera.com.
  • Contact Information
    • Who is our contact person for the Track and their contact information?
    • Preferred way of being contacted
      • Phone, text messaging, email
      • Phone number or email address of the primary contact on race day
    • Tower phone number
    • Office
    • Marketing Department
    • Technical Person
    • Web Person
  • Video – do you want to have video now or in the future on your Live Timing page?
  • Do you run a points series?
  • Do your racers have permanent numbers?
  • What local paper(s) do you use for press releases?
  • Do you have last year's winners that you want to give free Personal Racer Data subscriptions to?
  • What login and password do you want for your track's subscription? You will need it to upload your race results at the end of each race day onto your website.
    • Login Name:
    • Password:
  • How far away will your laptop be from the Compulink punch down block – wire length?
  • What type of internet connection do you have at your track?

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