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Revenue, without it we perish!

Our objective with Live Timing is to provide tracks with methods of generating additional revenue. Whether it comes in the form of additional racer participation, revenue from selling racer and fan subscriptions or increased sponsor support, it all comes down to the same thing, capital to help you grow and thrive.

Additional Racer Participation:

What does it take to get a racer to your track more often during the season? What does it take to get a new racer to the track for the first time? These are hard questions. One thing we know for sure, the better the racers experience is and the more they feel "connected" to the track the more likely they are to return.

So how can Live Timing help? In several ways:

  1. Make the information available to the racer on the internet, and make it available NOW. The new generation of racer has very different expectations about information than they did 10 years ago. Their media of choice? The Internet of course.
  2. Post the race results as soon as possible after the race is done to your web site. You would be amazed at the number of younger racers that return home and the first thing they do is look for the results on the Internet.
  3. If you run 'points' events, and you should, post the new points on your web site too. Not just the top 5 or 10, but everyone.
  4. Put their names in print, everyone likes to see their own name in print.
    1. Post the racers that got perfect lights.
    2. Post the racers with the best winning and losing packages.
    3. Post the racers that were the most consistent during eliminations.
  5. While you're at it, send out some press releases with the results to the local news papers.

All these things keep the racer engaged with the track. All these things bring the racer back to your web site. All these things put your sponsor's messages in front of the racers. All these things help make a racer feel connected to the track.

Not enough time at the end of a long day? Of course there isn't, but with the help of Live Timing all this can be done in 15 minutes or less!

Sales of racer and fan packages:

Once your Track has implemented the Live Timing System some new opportunities become available.

The historical run data that has been collected from the Track is interesting, but its real value lies in its use as information for the racer and fan.

For the racer:

What a racer wants and needs is a way of looking at all of his/her run data at one time, and the ability to select, compare, annotate, and determine patterns in this data. This, in turn, produces the information a racer needs to understand his winning, losing, strengths, and weaknesses and most importantly, what he/she needs to work on to be better.

Without Live Timing, a racer needs to collect and keep track of, all their time slips. Enter all the run data into a spread sheet, and then, while manipulating the data, search for patterns of information. Not always an easy feat for the average racer.

The Personal Racer Data Package, or PRD, was developed specifically to meet this need for the racer. Simply put, it allows racers to download their run data, select, filter, sort and organize it and see the consolidated analysis of those runs.

Compared to other products on the market we think you will find this package to be a bargain for the racer at $40 for the season. Sell these and receive a $10 (25%) credit for each one.

For a more detailed explanation of the power available with this tool go to www.1320go.com

For the Fan:

This one is still a bit of "work-in-progress". Currently it allows a subscriber to view all historical data from all the Member Tracks using the Live Timing web pages. Where it is going is we will provide them the ability to view historical runs using our "Instant Replay" analog screen. We are waiting for the go-ahead from the Patent Attorneys before we make it available.

Currently it's a good deal at $40 a season, in the future it will be a bargain.

Like the PRD package, sell these and receive a $10 (25%) credit for each one.

Increased sponsor support:

One of the really nice features of the Live Timing System is that it provides for several new ways of supporting your sponsors.

  1. First, the Live Timing web page: Each lane has a graphic associated with it. These can be used to display a graphic for the series and/or for the Lane sponsor.
  2. Second, the top of the Live Timing web page normally displays the Track's logo. This can be used for a 'Live Timing' sponsor as well. Some Tracks have had good success locating a sponsor to completely pay for Live Timing by taking advantage of this.
  3. Third, don't overlook your own web site. Take advantage of the link to Live Timing, the Live Timing history and your race results page. These can all be branded with a sponsors logo and or name.
  4. We can produce a Live Timing screen suitable for a big screen TV that is specifically branded for your sponsor. These are great for the sponsor's place of business, sports bars, hospitality areas, concessions etc.
  5. We can also produce them for race teams to use in their pit area. Talk to us about the price and offer it to the teams. You never know unless you ask.

The reason these are powerful tools for attracting sponsors is the time the average user spends on these pages. The average web page is viewed for less than 3 seconds. That is how long some looks at it before moving on. The live timing screens, on the other hand, keep viewers, on the average, for more than 10 minutes! In Internet terms, that is HUGE!

These are some of the features and possibilities that are part of Live Timing Family of Products.
Take advantage of them and increase your revenue!

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